Supporting UCD

UCDBC – Winners of the Prince Albert Challenge Cup in Henley 2010

The OCBC Rowing Development Fund (RDF) is a longstanding support fund established and contributed into by members of OCBC and friends.

Formerly known as the ‘Henley Fund‘, in the past  the fund served almost exclusively to support UCDBC’s participation at Henley however the scope of the Fund has been broadened over time.

It is still typically used to support UCDBC and UCDLBC at Henley etc however the Trustees also occasionally distribute proceeds of the RDF to support individual UCDBC, UCDLBC or OCBC members or rowing causes.

For example in recent years as well as supporting UCD’s participation at Henley, the RDF has helped financially support 3 UCD oarsmen that were selected to represent Ireland at World U23 and World Student Games as well as a UCDBC/ OCBC international oarsman who needed a pair of sculls for international competition.

The Trustees of the Fund are 3 Senior OCBC Committee members.

Many OC’s contribute to the RDF however most are longstanding arrangements so should you be in a position to start contributing to the RDF on a once-off or regular basis, or to increase your contribution, please contact  (?). Every contribution regardless of amount helps.

The RDF differs from the UCDBC Graduate Fund which operates under the auspices of the University, to support for UCDBC with capital expenditure. Both Funds play a key role in supporting UCD rowing in particular and this will be even more vital in the coming seasons.