OC Rowing

In 1988, with the rise in interest in Master’s rowing, the club became active in this aspect of the sport. Since then, Old Collegians has been to the fore in the development of Master’s rowing in this country along with a clubs from Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Athlone and a number of other centres. The club now has a core membership of about 20-30 active rowers, who compete in both Head and Regatta events throughout the country. In addition, the club has taken part in all FISA Master’s World Championships every year since 1988, with considerable success. Medals have been won by the club every year since 1990.

The club rows out of the UCD Boathouse, and owns several boats including a number of Eights, Fours and Pairs. The Active Rowers run their own affairs within Old Collegians through a sub committee, which manages the financial, logistical and rowing aspects of the group.

Prior to 1988, the club was involved in rowing only on an occasional basis. The most important involvement was in 1963 and 1964 when it won the Senior 8’s Championship.